Aqualisa GREY thermostatic Cartridge 022801

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GREY Cartridge thermostatic (Code: AQ_022801thermo) £150.79  Inc. VAT
GREY Cartridge with chrome screws for AQUATIQUE (Code: AQ_022801CP_thermo) RRP: £154.80 £150.79  Inc. VAT
GREY Cartridge with gold screws for AQUATIQUE (Code: AQ_022801IX_thermo) RRP: £154.80 £150.79  Inc. VAT
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See Technical Spec for installation instructions

Grey 022 801 cartridge (as in picture) used in most thermostatic Aqalisa valves, note variations CP (chrome screws) and IX (gold screws for TRADITIONAL model), also 022807 only for Aquatream2 1997-2003

Original Aqualisa Aquavalves (CLASSIC) had thermostatic cartridgethat were black (and mostly metal). Worth taking advice from Aqualisa but the Grey cartridge is the usual replacement.

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